Mission 2: Build the Ecosystem

The second part of our mission is to help build the Cardano blockchain ecosystem. We have various ways that we can assist in the growth of the ecosystem as follows:

Cardano EXPO - within our virtual world we have created a permanent exhibition space that we will make available to all projects to display or demonstrate their activities. This will offer the opportunity of creating A3 dimensional representation of their project which may be able to be fully functional and interactive in the virtual space.

CardanoHubs.com - we have been working to assist people in establishing hubs in various parts of the world and we will extend I will help creating activities into the virtual world. We will be offering office spaces to people creating Cardano Hubs so they can demonstrate their activities in this new and innovative way.

Training kits - as part of our virtual training we will be offering materials to people who wish to set up and guide them in the various structures and ways that they can create profits to be self-sustaining in the long term. We will also create multiple revenue generating activities within The CardanoVerse.

Cardano Hotel & Podcast - we have also partnered with Alfred Moesker who created the first ever business and Cardano Hub to accept ADA in the world. Alfred also created The Cardano Hotel Podcast on YouTube, of which The CardanoVerse is a sponsor offering production and editing for the channel. This channel showcases and puts a spotlight on a wide range of Cardano based projects to help them gain traction and advance their activities, some of these podcasts will be transmitted from within The CardanoVerse in cooperation with CVTV (CardanoVerse TeleVision) Studios.

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