The CardanoVerse Assets Available

All of our NFT assets will be registered on the Cardano Blockchain and held in your personal wallet, you will be able to purchase assets using ADA through the NMKR system.

Residential Real Estate

Houses, apartments, Development sites, Buildings to redevelop

Plots of Land

There will be plots of various sizes available in different themed areas and topological regions to suit all tastes and objectives.

Commercial Real Estate

Shops, offices, factories

Cardano EXPO

Exhibition Shell Stands, Featured Exhibition Stands, Stages, Multimedia Presentations, Stand design & building, NPC’s


Cars, vans, trucks, construction vehicles, boats, airplanes, shipping containers

MetaBOWL Stadium Seats

Seats, VIP Boxes, Advertising, concession stands, shops, NPC’s

Ownership via Non-Fungible Tokens

All of the CardanoVerse assets will be registered on the Cardano Blockchain as Non-Fungible Tokens at the point of purchase (in most cases) and these tokens will be the way to prove your ownership of any assets you purchase or earn.

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