Mission 3: Build the Economy

The third part of our mission is to build the economic activity within the Cardano ecosystem by encouraging people and businesses to trade with each other on the blockchain and using native Cardano tokens. The CardanoVerse will offer various ways to facilitate this both in the virtual and real world:

Multi-Currencies, Exchange & Payment systems - We are working on ideas to incorporate something similar to a Bureau de Change into our virtual world, which allows people to access our metaverse with any currency and exchange it for the currency that is being used within. We will not be offering any type of trading activity. It will simply be a method of obtaining whichever currency is required within the virtual world. We are also working on a platform similar to Paypal that would allow rapid simple payments to be made for products or services. Our NFTs can currently be purchased using Cardano ADA, ETH, SOL, and credit cards.

Referral System - We intend to share our success with the community and at the same time offer people the opportunity to earn their way into success if they currently do not have any budget to start acquiring NFT assets. We are offering a fully automated referral system where a commission percentage will be paid to anyone referring new people to our metaverse who then purchase NFT assets. We will also offer two further pay-out levels which will give a commission, based on sales off other referral parties. This means that if someone introducers additional referrers they will generate additional income from their activity.

Business training - We will also offer a suite of business training modules for both online and offline businesses to help people understand how to create economic activity and profits using the virtual 3D space to allow them to test out their performance by either earning or requiring virtual assets.

Multi-vendor sales - We will also expand The CardanoVerse economy by providing a platform for multiple products to be displayed or demonstrated within our shops, buildings and malls. These products will be purchasable within our metaverse and then delivered in the real world to the customer.

Real estate agents & Land Traders - Real Estate Agents & Land Traders - exactly like in the real world we will encourage individuals and organisations to adopt the profession of virtual real estate agents, or Realtors, who will earn a commission on completed sales. We would also like people to become engaged in brokering various land and building base deals. If people study the landscape that is made available and become experts in the pricing and opportunities to amalgamate plots or refurbish buildings they can generate a trading profit.

Developers, Architects & Builders - Once again in the real world these professional activities are well sought after. We will make these into virtual professions within the CardanoVerse with the intention of having these people develop virtual businesses and charge fees through our payment systems.

Renting land & buildings (Rent to Buy) - if our visitors or citizens of The CardanoVerse have the capital to buy certain assets there will always be the opportunity to rent or lease assets from other people who wish to generate a revenue stream. these rented assets can then be used for other economic activities to turn the rented accommodation into further revenue. We are also looking to introduce the opportunity of “rent to buy”, which means that somebody would have a contract to rent an asset for business or personal use and they would have a first option to purchase that asset at some point in the future, with the rent that they have paid being partially or fully credited against the purchase price at a future date.

Staking NFTs - As all of the virtual assets will be owned through an NFT. We will introduce a system where those assets can be staked in return for a revenue share from a stakepool operator. We are already in partnership with the “HOTEL" stakepool and we will introduce other stakepool operators that will be based in our central city SPOville district. SPOville will be a collection of buildings and tower blocks that will allow the stakepool operators to exhibit or demonstrate the project that they are supporting using the revenue from their stakepool.

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