The CardanoVerse Tokenomics

This page is to give an overview of our tokenomics, more specific information will follow.
Can we start by saying that, nothing on this page or any other page should be considered financial advice, you must do your own research and use your own good judgement or the judgement of a professional advisor, before purchasing tokens of any type.

Our philosophy

We believe in small teams and low expenses, we also believe in showing you what we're doing rather than telling you about some potential activity.
In order to give our project the very best chance of sustainability in the long term we also believe in avoiding the investment or borrowing of large sums of money at the beginning of the project.
We prefer to raise our funding by offering value to our community, we do not want the project to be controlled by large venture capitalists, This is why we have funded all of the foundational development out of private resources. We will continue the development of The CardanoVerse by offering virtual assets for sale.

Types of Tokens

There are two main types of token, fungible which means that multiple copies of the token will exist, and, non-fungible tokens also known as NFTs which are unique assets that can be proven within the metadata.
All tokens on the Cardano Blockchain are considered layer 1 assets, this means that New token assets issued by projects have the same characteristics and technical security as the primary token ADA.
We have decided to start our sales of NFTs initially to avoid the complication of launching our tokens in the market at this early stage of development. We have registered the HUBs token previously which will be used as an AirDrop from time to time and as a bonus to purchasers of our initial NFTs, the HUBs token will be launched on decentralised exchanges in the near future.

HUBs Token

Our initial NFTs

We are beginning our sales with the MetaBOWL Stadium, we have created “SEATS” NFTs, each NFT represents a seat in the stadium, you can read more about them here:
The MetaBOWL will offer a wide range of entertainments and, on the 8 floors plus basement areas, multiple other ways to have gaming fun.