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INTRODUCTION to “The CardanoVerse” Metaverse 3D World

The CardanoVerse” Metaverse & 3D Virtual World is our unique concept that will focus on demonstrating the scope of activities within the Cardano Ecosystem, it is being designed to give a visual representation of all the working parts of an active blockchain with native layer one tokens.

Our Mission

The CardanoVerse is a Metaverse & Virtual World dedicated to building the Cardano Community, Ecosystem & Economy.

Proving Ground and Demonstrations

The CardanoVerse will also offer a proving ground and demonstration areas to show real-world use cases for DEFI, Dapps and the Blockchain, giving a 3D Virtual world experience rather than only text and 2D images.

Cardano Community Hubs

The CardanoVerse is tightly connected with our work on Cardano Community Hubs and is designed to support and further our mission to build Cardano Hubs Worldwide.

A growing Ecosystem

We have built our presence gradually over the last two & a half years (as of 31 March 2023) from a zero start, in the last year we have continued to grow through collaborations.
Here are the key parts to our ecosystem:

Cardano Hubs Ecosystem

Cardano Hubs:
Cardano Community Hubs:
CardanoVerse Metaverse:
I HEAR Trust Limited:

Linking the Real and Virtual Worlds

The CardanoVerse will link both the digital and the real trading environment in the physical world.
The CardanoVerse is a platform that leverages virtual, or 3D spaces’ with direct connections to real physical businesses and incorporates the possibility of earning real value in the digital space that can also be used in the world we live in.

Game Play

We also understand that there is more to life than working, we are going to include a wide range of skills-based gaming features that will give you light relief if you want or need it.

Play to earn

We will incorporate into our games elements to test your skills and ingenuity, while this will be fun you will also be able to earn digital tokens and NFTs along the way.

Build to earn

The CardanoVerse will be constantly evolving, just like in the real world, they will be new land to build on in various terrains and themed areas.
Also, like in the real world, there will be buildings, natural terrains and brownfield sites that can be redeveloped. You will have the opportunity to add value to existing assets in order to build your income and capital value.

Showcasing Real World Technologies

Most of The CardanoVerse is designed to mirror the real world so we can showcase real-world technological and ecological benefits, but there will also be areas exploring new ways of living in smart cities, under the sea, underground, in the air and in space.

Bring Your Digital Assets

From the start we will be opening up avenues where you can import your assets from other games using various common file types. Where possible, or necessary, we will help you find the software and give you the tutorials to use your assets in The CardanoVerse.
There are many compatible file types that you can use to hold and with which to create assets, we will work to give you all the information and tools you need.

Learn to earn

A big part of our mission is to help educate people about the many beneficial uses of the Cardano blockchain and the applications of DeFi that can help all walks of life.
We believe that by providing a 3D virtual world environment this will help many people to visualise and get practical hands on experience of all of the digital industries opportunities.
We will endeavor to incorporate bounties and rewards into the various learning experiences, these will then be available for you to use to acquire digital assets and add new features to The CardanoVerse.

Refer to earn

As we have stated before we want to give everyone opportunity even if they don't have any capital or budget available to start with, one of the ways we will enable people to start from zero and build real value is to offer a structured referral system where we will pay a Commission for the introduction of new users of The CardanoVerse. Learn more:
For more information, to propose collaborations or investments, contact Carl Henry on: [email protected]