The Story - "The Race is On!"

Between 2007 and 2009 there were several times the world's banking system came close to complete collapse, except for shady & secret back room deals by the Governments & Banks it would have happened!

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The CardanoVerse is situated in a world where traditional currencies have totally failed due to the historical mismanagement by the financial industries, and, the central governments – therefore there is an opportunity to rebuild the financial system and governance that is fair and decentralised.

Financial apocalypse

It started suddenly, beginning with the US dollar, it flowed around the world like a tsunami, the worlds Fiat currencies imploded reducing the value of money, as we knew it, to zero.

This apocalyptic financial event was followed by the demise of the central governments that relied on the currencies to govern the people.

The end of the world’s bankers

Banks instantly disappeared and the financial system ground to a halt. The world’s bankers had no answers or levers to pull that could opaquely “fix” the financial system, once again.

All the standard legacy institutions went into freefall and panic was everywhere.

Why are CardanoVerse Citizens so calm?

Strangely, there was one haven of peace and tranquilly, it is called Central City in The CardanoVerse, where the residents were particularly calm.

What was their secret?

What did they know that other people were unaware of?

How was it that their civilization continued to function when all around was in disarray?

A Solution Awaiting the Right Time…,

Well, it was not really a secret, they had been talking about it for years, to anyone who would listen, they had slowly but surely been preparing for this very possibility, for over seven years.

Yes, there were other communities that had been on a similar path and had started a little earlier, but the residents of CardanoVerse had watched the other communities carefully and learn from their experience, to avoid pitfalls and errors that had been made in an earlier time.

The Rise of the Cardano Ecosystem

The result was the Cardano blockchain, this facilitated the development of systems that allowed civilization to continue operating in a fairer decentralised way. An environment that included all layers of the community and helped even the disadvantaged live a better life.

The disappearance of the Fiat money system, followed by centralised government around the world, had happened rather more quickly than would have been ideal, but the Cardano Community in The CardanoVerse jumped into action to implement the very many technological advances they had been working on to maintain a stable, efficient, and fair lifestyle for the citizens of Central City……, and the world!

Iterating towards the future

As with all new systems, everything is a work in progress, but the aims were simple: create a governance system that was fair, decentralised and involved all the community members equally, also to create a currency that facilitated all the trading and transactions required by a digital economy, that was safe and secure, controlled by no one entity.

A safe environment to prepare for the worst

CardanoVerse has been created to demonstrate to the wider world all the ways the Cardano Blockchain, DeFi, dApps, ADA and the Cardano native assets can help bring about this better way of living.

Do you accept the “Mission”?

“The Race Is On!” Are you prepared to enter the CardanoVerse and do your part to solve the world’s problems, or demonstrate your existing solutions, in an open and transparent way, within our Metaverse, so that other parts of the world can more easily understand and adopt our innovative technologies?

Achieving our Objective

Your objective, if you choose to accept it, is to enter the CardanoVerse And show the wider world how we can live without Fiat currencies and centralised government and develop the smart cities of the future.


The CardanoVerse team’s mission is to help build understanding of the Cardano Ecosystem in a new way, and to onboard new people into the Cardano Community from around the world.

We are creating buildings such as Exhibition spaces where teams building on the Cardano Blockchain can have a virtual exhibition stand to explain their project in a unique way.

We are building a system where creators will be able to build, play, share, and trade without central control, enjoying secure ownership with the ability to earn and learn.

The CardanoVerse team believes all of these aspects are important.

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