UEFN Introduction

The CardanoVerse Central City Hub is the gateway location to multiple other Virtual Cardano Hubs representing various parts of the Cardano community, ecosystem, and economy.

Numerous Virtual Cardano Hubs will be built by our team that will be linked by portals from The CardanoVerse Global Hubs Tower. We will also offer portals to Virtual Cardano Hubs created by members of the Cardano community using compatible software.

The CardanoVerse Central City Hub is a place where you can develop your navigation and playing skills, have fun, and learn core concepts about our metaverse 3D world, ready to take on more and more challenging missions on specialised hubs.

Following the initial development of The CardanoVerse, which has been entirely privately funded up to now, ongoing development will be supported by the sale of Cardano NFT's and our Cardano HUBS token.

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